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Members of Parliament - Mocambique

1975-86 Minister of Education and Culture Graça Simbini Machel
Also known as Grace Machel, she was a Commander in the Frelimo Freedom Fight/Guerilla Movement 1968-75, Circa 1994-96 Leader of the African Representation to the UNESCO in Geneve. Widow of President Machel (1975-86), who was killed in a plane-crash, From 1996 official companion of, and in 1998 married to President Nelson Mandela of South Africa (1918-1991-99-) on his 80th birthday. (b. 1945-)

1986-92 Minister of Information Feodata Hunguane

1988 Minister of Health Leonarda Simão

1988-92 Secretary of State for Technical and Professional Education Maria dos Anjos Rosario

1991-95 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Salomé Milagre Machinassane Moiane
Member of Presidium of Assemblea da Republica since 1997.

1994-97 Minister of Social Action Co-ordination Alcinda Antonio de Abreu
2005-08 Minister of Foreign Affairs
2008 Vice-Minister of Environment
2008-15 Minister of Coordination of Environmental Action
She was MP 1977-94 and again from 2015, later among others Advisor of the Prime Minister (b. 1953-).

1994-2000 Vice-Minister of Planning and Finance Luísa Días Diogo
2000-05 Minister of Planning and Finance
2004-10 Prime Minister
Head of Department in the Ministry of Finance 1986-89, National Budget Director 1982-89 in Ministry of Planning and Finance, worked in World Bank 1993-94. Mother of three children. (b. 1958-).

1994-2005 Vice-Minister of Labour Adelaide Anchia Amurane
(b. 1960-)

1994-96-? Vice-Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism Rafique Jusob Mahommed

1995-2005 Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Frances Victoria Velho Rodriguez,
Ambassador and Head of various departments within the Foreign Ministry 1980-85 and Ambassador to the European Communities, Netherlands, Belgium France, Austria and Greece 1985-95. (b. 1952-)

1995-2000 Vice-Minister of Justice Açuenca da Costa Xavier Duarte

1995-2002 Vice-Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Isidora de Esperança Faztudo

1999-2005 Vice-Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Esperança Laurinda Francisco Nhivane Blais
2005-15 Minister of Mineral Resources
Esparanca Blais became an MP in 2015.

2000-05 Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Lídia Maria Ribeiro Arthur Brito
Professor, university administrator. (b. 1961-)

2000-10 Minister of Women and Social Action Co-ordination Virgília Bernardo Neto Alexander dos Santos Matabele
Deputy Leader of the Frelimo Bank in the National Assembly 1991-94 and Parliamentary Leader from 2010. (b. 1952-).

2000-10 Vice-Minister of Health Aida Theodomira Nobreza Libombo

2000-05 Vice-Minister of Education Telmina Manuel Paixão Pinho Pereira
Governor of Maputo Province 2005-10

2005-08 Minister of Justice Esperança Machavela
Former Ambassador to Portugal.

2005-15 Minister of Labour Helena Taipo
Former Director of Labour in the Province of Nampula and appointed Governor of Sofala in 2015.

2005-10 Minister in the Presidency for Parliamentary Affairs Isabel Manuel Nkavandeka
Prominent Frelimo parliamentarian from Cabo Delgado province.

2005-10 Vice-Minister of Education and Culture Antonia da Costa Xavier
She was a highranking official in the Ministry of Women's Affairs and Social Welfare.

2005-10 Vice-Minister of State Administration Catarina Kassimo

2005-10 Vice-Minister of Agriculture Catarina Pajume Kassimo

2008-10 and 2012-15 Minister of Justice Maria Benvida Levy

2010-15 Minister of State Administration Carmelita Namashalua

2010-15 Minister of Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare Iolanda Cintura
Appointed Governor of Maputo City in 2015.

2010-15 Minister in the Presidency for Parliamentary, Municipal and Provincial Assembly Affairs Adeleaide Amurane

2010-15 Vice-Minister of Coordination of Environmental Action Ana Paula Chichava

2010-15 Vice-Minister of Tourism Rosario Mualeia

2010-15 Vice-Minister of Education Leda Florinda Hugo

2012-15 Minister of Public Service Vitoria Diogo
MP from 2015.

2012-15 Vice-Minister of Planning and Development Maria Jose Lucas

2012- Vice-Minister of Health Nazira Karimo Vali Abdula

2015- Minister of State Administration and the Public Service Carmelita Rita Namashalua

2015- Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security Vitoria Dias Diogo

2015- Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare Cidalia Chauque Oliveira

2015- Minister of Culture and Tourism Silva Armando Dunduru

2015- Chief of Staff in the President's Office Adelaide Anchia Amurane

2015- Vice-Minister of Economy and Finance Amelia Tomas Taime Nakhare

2014- Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Nyeleti Brooke Mondlane

2015- Vice-Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher, Technical and Professional Education Leda Florinda Hugos

2015- Vice-Minister of Transport and Communications Manuela Joaquim Rebelo

2015- Vice-Minister of Culture and Tourism Ana Comoana

2015- Vice-Minister of Veterans' Affairs Maria de Fatima Mwanza Pelembe

2015- Vice-Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development Ana Ismael Senda Coani

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