Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Gaby Alban

The family of slain US businesswoman Gaby Alban on Monday extended their thanks to “all who have displayed great courtesy and kindness toward us in South Africa”.


Camps Bay's murder suspect robbed in cells Camps Bay's murder suspect robbed in cells
'Kinky sex' murder suspect in the dock 'Kinky sex' murder suspect in the dock
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Alban's body was found in a luxury Camps Bay hotel covered in faeces last week.

Guatemalan Diego Dougherty Novella was arrested in connection with her murder and prosecutor Carmen Daniels told a court last week that the state had a strong case against him.

A statement from Alban’s family listed those who had helped them as they “journeyed to Cape Town to retrieve our beloved Gaby and to assist in the process of seeking justice for her murder”. These included:

- Western Cape Director of Public Prosecutions‚ advocate Rodney de Kock‚ and his deputy‚ advocate Bonnie Currie-Gamwo;

- Captain Delicia Isaacs and the officers of the Camps Bay South African Police Service; forensic pathologist Dr Tumi Molefe and the staff of the Western Cape Forensic Pathology Service‚ the Salt River Morgue and the University of Cape Town;

- Vice-Consul Daniel Cullop and the staff of the United States Consulate General in Cape Town;

- Maree Brink and Johann du Plessis and the staff of Village & Life‚ the Bay Hotel and the Camps Bay Retreat; and

- air and ground personnel of British Airways in Cape Town‚ London and Los Angeles.

Last week‚ Novella’s lawyer William Booth said that media reports indicating that Novella and Alban had been involved in a drug-fuelled sex session were pure speculation.

This seemed to be backed up by the family statement‚ which said: “Gaby was a loving‚ clean-living‚ smart‚ stylish and successful woman. She was a joy to her family and friends‚ all of whom will miss her grievously.”

The statement‚ which indicated that neither the family nor their legal representative would make any further comment to the media‚ said that Gaby’s body had been returned to “Los Angeles to bury and mourn her in accordance with the beliefs and traditions of her Jewish faith”.

“We are committed to return to Cape Town as soon‚ and as often‚ as may be required to assist in seeking justice for Gaby‚” the statement on behalf of her mother Doris Weitz‚ father Howdy Kabrins‚ step-mother Linda Kabrins and step-father Alexander Williams said.

According to the UK's Mail Online‚ Novella’s family is a "super rich clan" and among the "most powerful" in central America. But he was allegedly the black sheep.

"I've been in contact with them by way of e-mail and I've had a telephonic call from one of his brothers. They are very upset. It's quite a shock to the family and they indicated they will assist wherever possible‚" Booth said last week.

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